Suri and Marco || Engaged

Last month I had the chance to go to Cancun to photograph Suri and Marco's wedding. While I was there, I spent an afternoon getting to know them and taking their engagement photos. Suri and Marco both live in Cancun, where they met, though she is from Mexico City and he from Germany. It was such a pleasure to meet them and to experience their amazing hospitality, as they welcomed me into their city and home. Though I met them for the first time the week of their wedding, I felt a part of the celebration and am honored to have experienced such an important day with them. Their wedding week was not without its difficulty-- Hurricane Rina lingered off the shore of Cancun for the days prior to their celebration and hit as a tropical storm the night before their scheduled wedding-- but their spirits remained high. They had to postpone their wedding two days, but it was absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to share. For now, enjoy a few favorites from their engagement session. These two are lovely.