Samantha and Scott || Engaged

When I was in Denver, I had the pleasure of meeting Samantha and Scott, one of my couples for this summer. I knew I liked these two through our phone and email conversations, but my like for them was doubly solidified while running around Denver with them. These two care about each other in a very real way, a way that left me feeling refreshed after being around them. I loved hearing about their first date in a little cafe near where we did the shoot. I loved the story of Scott secretly flying to Denver (he currently lives in Montana) and conspiring with some of their friends to propose to Samantha. Most importantly? I love that these two are excited to share life together, and are excited to live in such a way that gives to and empowers those who are in need. I think that's pretty awesome. I can't wait to get to know these two more over the next few months (yay for the internet and making that possible despite the miles between us!), and I am beyond excited to travel to South Dakota for their wedding in August.