Bree and Nik || Goof Booth

This past weekend was just amazing. I photographed a lovely, sweet wedding on the shore of Lake Michigan Saturday and then yesterday I headed back out to the venue to see some of my favorite Michigan musicians play a sunset concert overlooking the water. It was the perfect Sunday evening spent with friends. I got to the concert early so that I could jump in Lake Michigan and it felt so great to finally be in the water! This summer hasn't been nearly as warm as usual and I can't believe that it took me until the end of June to finally get in the Lake. If you know me even a little bit, you know that water has deep meaning for me and its importance runs beyond just the physical. It is where I run to when I am feeling sad and also where I go when there is something to celebrate. There is something so healing and comforting in having the waves of Lake Michigan wrapped around me, something that feels like home. I swam until the concert started and then ran up the beach, dripping and laughing to sit on the deck and listen to the tunes. But let's travel back in time to the weekend before this past weekend and to Bree and Nik's wedding. Well actually, let's go to their reception, where they got to rock out in the Goof Booth. Their entire wedding day was covered in thoughtful details that I cannot wait to show you. Bree's work will blow your mind. Bree is an awesome artist and so her wedding day was planned and decorated to perfection. She even spruced up the Goof Booth with some lovely bunting and clay mustaches that she made herself. Yea, she's awesome. And she found herself a pretty swell guy to spend her life with. We've loved getting to know them. Enjoy some of the folks they know who had me laughing all night.