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You have the greatest story to tell.

Our timeless, moment driven photography style has made For the Love of It a much sought-after partner in the creative industry and a favorite among wedding clients worldwide. We are committed to creating elevated imagery that focuses on the subtleties of each moment.

Your wedding day is more than an event, it is the celebration of a new family and the beginning of a legacy. Our passion is in caring for that story. It’s in beautifully capturing those authentic moments and emotions that make your story unique.





Splitting time between Paris and Los Angeles, Bryan is a photographer and filmmaker who blends the worlds of fashion and photojournalism to create unique and sophisticated photographs and cinema. He has spent over a decade documenting weddings to refine his signature style. He is driven to capture a true emotional connection between his subjects while also creating unique pieces of art. When Bryan is not photographing weddings he is typically exploring new cities around the world or sharing a bottle of wine with old (or new) friends.







As demand for our work has grown, we have happily welcomed our talented associate photographer, Sandra to the For the Love of it family.  Freshly married, she has an intimate understanding for all of the excitement and anticipation of the wedding process. Sandra combines her loves of architectural and environmentally-based imagery with candid moments to create timeless work for her clients. She is based in Grand Rapids, MI, and is available for travel.

View Sandra’s portfolio here.





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